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Fedex shipping charges now have sur charges to cover fuel and other cost. We have been checking to take advantage of all the options Fedex offers. For our customers in 25 states a much lower discounted shipping price. In some of the states the longest distance from us our shipping cost have increased to cover our cost increases. Most of you will find much lower shipping cost, and some states your cost will increase.

All Rabbit Meat is shipped - Fedex 1 or 2 Day - Box is insulated with freeze gel packs - All rabbit meat orders shipped Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, by Fedex 1 or 2 day delivery. We have found Fedex to be the most reliable shipper. If you need delivery on days other than Tuesday or Wednesday Call 877 892 6430 for special handling. No extra charged for packaging and freeze packs. Thicker insulation and extra freeze gel paks used in warmer weather.



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