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What states does Dean's Rabbits ship rabbit meat to?

We ship in all 48 lower states

Who processes Dean's Rabbit Meat?

All rabbit meat is processed in our own plant. This plant operated by Dean's Rabbits has processed rabbit meat exclusively and continually since 1980. It is FDA registered and inspected by FDA and South Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are legal to sell in all states.

Is Dean's Rabbits Meat fresh or frozen?

Dean's processing uses cryogenics to fast freeze all rabbit meat. The meat is held frozen and shipped frozen. When properly thawed, we guarantee better rabbit meat than anyone;s 3 day old fresh meat.

How does your 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We guarantee all rabbit meat purchased 100% satisfaction or money back. Call Dean at our 864 862-2451 and before we hang up you will be satisfied. Period! You cannot lose buying from us.

How is your rabbit meat packaged?

Every rabbit packed is vacuumed packaged with an individual label..

How is it shipped?

We have found Fedex to be the most reliable and reasonable. With the increases in shipping cost, Dean's Rabbits. is using all the services offered by Fedex to keep cost as low as possible. Where Fedex Ground is available for 1 or 2 day delivery, your package will be delivered by Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery. All other locations we use Fedex 2 day Air Express. Shipping costs charged by Dean's Rabbits.are discounted in all areas and up to 30% in some Express locations.

How do I order?

Enter your zip code on the order page, select the number of rabbit you want. Look on the right side to see your actual cost for rabbit meat, shipping charges, and total of order. If this is satisfactory with you. Click on PayPal icon, or call 864 862-2451, talk to Dean, or print out your order and mail us a check. Dean's Rabbits - 268 Hill Top Drive - Fountain Inn, S C 29644.

How much do I have to order?

Order what you want. From 1 rabbit to a bakers dozen special promotion. For larger orders call Dean 864 862-2451.

When will my order be shipped?

I like to fill all orders as soon as they come in but. With the shortage of rabbit meat all over the US and Ardeng being one of a small number of people that have rabbits. We are literally selling rabbits faster than they will grow.

We have increased our number of rabbits growing.

Why is the rabbit meat in short supply?

A large number of other processors bought rabbits from independent growers. Most of these were small back yard growers producing a lot of pet/show rejects. As the price of rabbit feed has doubled and tripled when fuel cost went up.a lot of these growers quit breeding. Another reason is the demand for rabbit meat for mid East Countries. wanting healthier food for their people. Dean's grows most all the rabbit meat we sell.. All has to meet 1st quality standards or it is sold to pet food companies for pet food. Dean's Rabbit Meat does not sell pet food to individuals.

Do you sell any rabbit meat that comes from China?

No! All our rabbit meat has labels on it certifying it is a S C product.

What has Dean's Rabbits done to keep prices low

As the price of feed went up we increased our price of rabbit meat enough to cover it. At this same time we had added new rabbits to our herd. These extra rabbits made it very difficult to know our exact cost. When our bookkeeping program showed our research working better than we thought. we lowered prices to help keep rabbit meat price in line where it should be.

Why are meat rabbits in short supply around Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is the time people want to enjoy special dinners with their friends and family.

Breeder rabbits that produce the kits are bred in Hot weather of July, August, and September. During the period of June thru September, Males go sterile or semi-sterile when sustained 5 days or more of temperatures over 80 degree. The females have half size litters of 2, 3, or 5 instead of 8, 9, or 10. or have no kits. The rabbits sold October, November, and December are all bred during the hot summer months. With all our efforts the supply of rabbits is about 1/3 of normal sopply. Normal liters are just beginning to grow to market size for the small cut up rabbits, the whole rabbits take up to an extra 5 weeks to make weight.


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