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Item #7 Whole Large Adult Rabbit 4.5 lb to 5 lb

Whole Large Adult Rabbit 4.5/5 lb - nominal 4.75 dressed x $4.69 per lb = $22.28 each - plus Fedex 1 or 2 day shipping cost

Young tender less than 15 months old, well trimmed whole body, vacuum packed, shipped 1 or 2 day by Fedex, packed in Styrofoam lined box with large freeze pack ice to guarantee low temperatures.- Insulated container and freeze packs included, no extra.

Shipped to 48 States, Continental USA Only. All Items from Mother Nature. Estimated shipping time 3 weeks. Please call toll free 877 892 6430 if needed for a special dinner.

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Phone toll free (877) 892 6430


1. Mail us an order for the number of items and a check for the total amount including shipping. Include your physical shipping address. Please include your phone number (required by Fedex on shipping label) and email address for us to alert you of when shipped.

2. Phone - toll free (877) 892 6430 - for any questions. We will also take your credit card by telephone.

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